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Our program gives us the ability to dispute all types of inaccurate accounts on your credit report, such as:

·       Charge-Offs                              

·       Collection Accounts

·       Bankruptcies

·       Judgments

·       Tax Liens

·       Foreclosures

·       Repossessions



We will, professionally, dispute all derogatory items that are listed on your credit report consisting of collections, charge-offs, judgments, debt validations, medical collections, and inquiries. We will send letters to each of the 3 major credit bureaus... Experian, Equifax, and Transunion... disputing the negative items listed and/or the collection agency, making them validate the debt or debts that are in questionThis process begins immediately after you have enrolled and submitted all required documents and payment.

                           Client's Responsibility

It is your obligation to adhere to the responsibilities assigned to send all correspondence from the bureaus  to we in a timely matter (30 days). No guarantee that all negative items or inquiries will be removed from your credit report.

If you have been inactive for 60 days or more you will need to pay a fee of  $175.00 to be reinstated to the program. If you continue to neglect this agreement; G C Financial  Services LLC will cease to work on your behalf and you will forfeit your service fee. It is your responsibility to monitor your Credit Report and scores at least every 30 days.  After doing so, please inform us of any deletions, changes or score updates.


Credit Rebuilding

If indicated, you are responsible for applying for your 3-4 secured card/cards to rebuild your credit within 45 days after signing up for the program.

Here is link for secured Credit Card .  https://www.creditcardbroker.com/promos/feed11579

Paying Down Debt

You are responsible for paying down the balances on your positive open revolving trade lines to aid in increasing their credit scores keeping them under 20% credit utilization.


Inquiries Only

$185.00 Individual

$275.00 Couples

Complete Credit Repair

$600.00 Individual upfront   

Balance of $300.00  due in 30 days

$300.00 Due on 25th


$1400.00 Couples - $700.00 upfront 

Balance $700.00 due in 30 days

 Due on 25th 


Cancellations and Refunds

You may cancel your service at any time.  Upon cancellation, services will be stopped, and you will be liable for deletions removed within the last billing period, prior to cancellation.

Our Refund Policy is very simple. You can cancel the services at anytime. You will be refunded for the last charge you incurred within the past 30 days. One can cancel at any time where they request a refund via email or telephone or by mailing a signed and dated letter requesting refund. We have now developed a new and improved easy three steps refund policy so that clients can be satisfied and to be able to make wise decisions.

The steps are as follows:

1. Contact us via preferred method of communication telling us your concerns and reason for requesting your refund.

2. Allow us five (5) – seven (7) business days to process refund.

3. Confirmation of the refund transaction sent to you confirming refund


Inquires Only( Individal)

Credit Repair ( Individual)

Inquires Only (Couple)

Credit Repair (Couples)

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